Graphic Design Pricing

Basic logo/graphic design starts at $50 USD.  The main factor in pricing is the amount of work needed to create the logo/graphic and the type of logo/graphic you desire.  Of course animated works are more costly due to the fact that each frame is essentially a different image.  Size of the logo/graphic is not a factor, as small works can take as much (if not more) work to create as large works.

All printing projects, such as invitations, menus, brochures, business cards, and address labels, carry the same design costs as logos/graphics, but also include layout design, printing, and shipping costs.  All of these projects are professionally printed.  With these projects being professionally printed, other options, such as paper stock (types) and ink types (powder, foil, etc.), affect the final cost of the projects.

Subliminal Visions also provides photo restoration and manipulation services.


To have Subliminal Visions begin any graphic design project for you you must agree to the following conditions:

  • A 50%, non-refundable, "good faith" deposit of the agreed total price of the project must be received before work will begin on your project.
  • The remaining 50% of the agreed total price of the project must be received before your project will be released.
  • After the final project is received there will be no refund.
  • If you choose not to have Subliminal Visions complete the designing/creation of your project all assets of the project become property of Subliminal Visions.
  • Subliminal Visions has the right to cancel the designing/creation of any client project at any time, with a full refund.
  • All designs, templates, layouts, etc., of the project is and remains copyrighted work of Subliminal Visions during association and upon termination of association with the client.
  • Subliminal Visions reserves the right to display any work done during association and after termination of association on the Subliminal Visions site (in templates, portfolio, etc.) and on any promotional media for Subliminal Visions.
  • Subliminal Visions is granted permission to use, modify, and include any asset or likeness thereof, provided by or given permission to obtain by the client, such as logos, images, graphics, etc., in any project associated with the client.
  • Subliminal Visions does not accept any liability, or consequences thereof, for any media supplied by the client used in or displayed on any project associated with the client.

To access tools that will help aid in the design process please visit the Client Utilities page.


If Subliminal Visions sounds right for you or you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact Subliminal Visions at any time.