Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name, "Subliminal Visions?"

The true beauty of anything is usually found below the surface. 

How long does it usually take to receive proofs/prints?

The averagre time required to receive proofs/prints is one week from sitting/order.

What are proofs and why are they useful?

Proofs are a "raw" version of finished prints.  Proofs do not contain any post-processing (blemish removal, smoothing, etc.).  They serve as a tool for choosing prints, giving you a more realistic representation of how a final print will look than by digital means (on the web site).

Are proofs required?

No, proofs are not required.  Proofs are made available to assist in ordering, by customer request.

How long does it take to design a site, logo, etc.?

The largest factor in design time is the complexity of the project.   Projects can take days, even weeks, to complete.  Projects will be created as quickly as possible, without degrading the quality of the work.

Can I supply logos, graphics, media, etc. for my project(s)?

Of course!
However, work that needs to be done to these submissions to include them in the project may inherit a cost.

What kinds of product are used in your work?

Only premium products are used in all work performed.  When "cheap" product is used the result is usually "cheap" and unprofessional.  Only the best is expected and accepted.
Therefore, only the best is used.

Is Subliminal Visions willing to work with other designers/artists?

Of course!  Subliminal Visions also offers consultation/troubleshooting services.

Does Subliminal Visions make "house calls"?

Yes, Subliminal Visions does make "house calls".


If you have any other questions feel free to contact Subliminal Visions at any time.