Any person or business who refers a new client to Subliminal Visions who is not directly related to the new client or the project/service for the new client will receive $10.00 off the next project/service, totaling $50.00 or more, completed by Subliminal Visions.

This plan compounds.  In other words, if more than one new client is referred then the referrer will receive a $10.00 discount for each referral.  If multiple referrals occur the discounts can all be applied to your next project/service or over future projects/services in multiples of $10.00.

Does this sound good to you?  It's just a way for Subliminal Visions to say "thank you" for your loyalty and support.

If you have any questions/concerns please contact Subliminal Visions via the Contact page.

This referral plan is contingent upon completion of the first project/service, totaling $50.00 or more, for the new client and Subliminal Visions receiving full payment from the new client for the project/service.