Web Site Design Procing

Below are the general price plans for web site design by Subliminal Visions.

Whether you want a single web page or a gala web site, Subliminal Visions has a plan for you!






Single pages

Starting at $200 USD


2 - 4 pages

Starting at $500 USD


5 - 10 pages

Starting at $800 USD


11 - 15 pages

Starting at $1000 USD

These prices are basic guidelines and are subject to change.  Many factors, including, but not limited to graphic/multimedia intensity and user interactivity, affect the overall price of a site.  Any pages added after the initial creation of the site will cost $150 USD (if same layout/design template).  If the additional page(s) require additional designing an additional charge will be assessed.   Any updates to existing pages will also inherit a cost.  The prices of updating the page(s) will depend on the amount of work needed to update the page(s).  If during negotiations the size of the site changes to fit another plan than originally specified the price of the site will be adjusted to the pricing of the "new" plan.  These prices do not include psp,asp, e-commerce, or database-driven sites. 

All sites are dealt with on a "site" by "site" basis.


Besides design costs, clients are also responsible for domain registration and web hosting costs.  Clients have 2 options.  Either they can get their own domain (ex. www.yoursite.com) or they can get a sub-domain (ex. yoursite.sublimvisions.com) from Subliminal Visions.  A sub-domain will be much more cost effective, but will not carry the "stature" of having your own domain.  Domains are also shorter, but often times the domain you wish to have is already taken or in use by another person or company.  There is no worry of this with a sub-domain.  With either choice, servers are not guaranteed to be 100% all the time.

All clients must agree to the Subliminal Visions Site Design Policy.

To access tools that will help aid in the design process please visit the Client Utilities page.


If Subliminal Visions sounds right for you or you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact Subliminal Visions at any time.